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05/09/2007 04:00am
  Jobs - Vacations
Looking at the too-short American vacation by European you know anyone working for a company here now, who would have opinions on how more vacation is a good thing?
05/14/2007 11:50am
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Business Desk Consumers and the summer
I am working on a story about the shifts in the economy as we approach summer. I need a consumer to talk about travel and vacation. I wouldn't mind having a company too — IF it is changing ispending patterns and hiring as the summer begins.
05/15/2007 12:00pm
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Living The Price is Right - Bob Barker Fans Needed
The Price is Right's Bob Barker will be retiring in June after 35 years as host of the show. I'm looking for people who are die hard fans of Barker and are willing to be interviewed for a story to run on Wednesday.
05/21/2007 12:30pm
[ anonymous ]
small business
I working on a story about small busines pitfalls.
05/24/2007 03:30pm
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Business Desk

real estate bust
Jobs being lost because of the decline in sales and construction of homes. Need *examples* of people leaving the field or companies cutting staff.





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